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Bathroom Renovation Guys offers professional bathroom renovation services to both private and public customers. We have been in the industry for many years and we have stood the pressures of the business and the Bathroom Renovation Guys strive to come up with new ideas for customer satisfaction.


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Bathroom Renovation Guys offers a wide range of installation services to help improve the style and the value of your home. The experts at Bathroom Renovation Guys provide bathroom installations such as new countertops and tile installation as well as interior painting. The Bathroom Renovation Guys will also help with other renovating projects for your bathroom.


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Bathroom Renovation Guys is your go to source for remodeling of the bathroom and repair. The service provided by Bathroom Renovation Guys varies from toilet repair and bathtub replacement to light fixtures and grout repair. The work done by our team of experts is guaranteed and the experienced craftsmen will walk you through the remodeling process every step of the way for simple and smooth experience with the Bathroom Renovation Guys. Bathroom Renovation Guys will eliminate by answering questions and offer professional services to the customers.

To get a professional quotation contact Bathroom Renovation Guys on 888-341-7776 and book a personal consultation with the leading experts in the industry.

Bathroom Renovation

Steps to bathroom renovation

The first step is free in-home consultation; at a pre-scheduled time, an installation service provider from Bathroom Renovation Guys will visit your bathroom and review the needs of your needs and style preferences. The experts from Bathroom Renovation Guys will bring with them design and colors samples and they will discuss the ideas and options with the customer. The experts will also measure your space and provide the customer with a written proposal

The second step involves professional installation. A suitable time is planned for the bathroom renovation. The Bathroom Renovation Guys will obtain the required permits, remove existing fixtures and fittings and then build a new bathroom. The professionals from Bathroom Renovation Guys will install new plumbing and fixtures, install the new tiles, fix the lighting, do the flooring and then complete the renovation project by painting. During this time, a thorough cleanup will be done and the team of expert from Bathroom Renovation Guys uses a dumpster to collect debris.

The final step in bathroom renovation is conduction of follow-up inspection. The installers from Bathroom Renovation Guys normally deliver regular customer satisfaction reports to ensure the project is going on properly as expected. When the renovation project is complete, the installers from Bathroom Renovation Guys conducts an inspection together with customer to confirm the finished project meets with the approval.


The installers from Bathroom Renovation Guys are dedicated professionals and more backed by a name the customers can trust. The Bathroom Renovation Guys ensures that the installers have passed through our partnership with trade license checks, criminal background checks and up to date workers� compensation cover. The most important priority at Bathroom Renovation Guys is full customer satisfaction. The Bathroom Renovation Guys stands behind the renovation project with a guarantee. The installers who work at your home are experienced, highly skilled and back checked and there you should be worry free when your seek help from Bathroom Renovation Guys.

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